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Kingdom Adventures: Village of Hope, Inc. 


Jamaica Rose David-Auxtero, Director


Early in 2002, God began planting a vision in the hearts of several people to build a place for orphaned and abandoned children in the hills of Talibon, Bohol. That vision has grown into Village of Hope, a place where up to two hundred children at a time will find hope and healing in Jesus Christ. 


Kingdom of Adventures: Village of Hope exists to accept and help children at risk, particularly those who are abused, orphaned and those lacking with the basic necessities allowing them to heal and grow in a safe and loving Christian home.


Rizal, Talibon, Bohol 632


0943 835 9280




Children at risk and children in need of special protection, age 0-12 years old.



Family Model (2007)

It is unnatural for a family to have ten kids from different parents. Yet it’s far more unnatural for children to live without a family. Not only does Village of Hope create families of kids who can empathize with each other, Village of Hope creates communities of families that can empathize with each other. Village of Hope will be divided into smaller neighborhoods called Village of Hope Blocks (much like a barangay purok). These smaller communities exist to help and support individual families rebuild the lives. They could be thought of as a village within the Village!

Halfway House (2007)

The Halfway House is a home separate from Village of Hope that serves as an intermittent step between life outside of Village of Hope and life inside a Village family. It is a place where children can learn Village of Hope’s rules and cultures without threat of disrupting the tranquillity of existing Village of Hope families, yet still be protected, cared for, and nurtured.


Independent Living Program (2010)

At this point they are ready to move on to Bible College, trade school, or college and begin their adult lives with Hope (sometimes it doesn’t necessarily that they are 18 years old). It will depend on the child’s choice as to whatever he/she thinks is best for him/her.


Community Programs (ongoing)

VoH encourages the Kids to give back to the community as well as reach out to those who are in need. This way, they will have an easy connection to the kids in the streets or in the community, giving them hope and encouragement to be a better version of themselves.  Village of Hope thus started what we privately call “the Village of Hope prevention program”. We as an organization do our best to help children and families within communities to improve their lives and therefore avoiding instances of child abandonment and abuse. 


Village of Hope offers scholarships to deserving children and young people whose parents are unable to send their children to school. This program is contingent on the availability of funds and/or sponsorships.


Community Medical Outreach

Village of Hope connects volunteer medical professionals to communities in need. It also acts as a channel for medical donations (equipment and/or medicines) for the community. In some cases, Village of Hope provides financial and logistical assistance to sick people in dire need. This program is also contingent on the availability of funds and volunteers. Community Development Programs –  Village of Hope staff, volunteers, and youth are trained in mobilizing communities and groups for social and spiritual development.


Disaster and Relief Operations

Village of Hope responds to areas in the Philippines hit by natural or unnatural disasters. Staff and volunteers work with DSWD, the Military, and other non-government organizations to mobilize relief goods and medical aid.  Livelihood Programs – Often an offshoot of Village of Hope disaster relief programs is its


Livelihood Programs

This program is prioritized but not limited to disaster-stricken areas.  *Physical Orphanage visits in the Philippines and in the United States to observe their best practices prior to the establishment of Village of Hope.

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